Dental Month Overview

By February 26, 2016Pet Talk

Because February was designated as Pet Dental Health month by the American Veterinary Medical Association, we wanted to give you a little insight into why keeping your pet’s teeth in optimum shape is so important (and why we dedicate a WHOLE MONTH of blog posts to it :)).

  • Periodontal disease in animals works much the same way as it does in humans. Bacteria, mucus, and food particles gather on the teeth forming tartar and plaque that accumulates and eventually leads to infected gums and root deterioration. Massive amounts of the same bacteria can travel throughout your pet’s body and result in systemic organ failure, most commonly in the heart and kidneys.
  • At Northwood, our team of licensed veterinary technicians and doctors take before and after pictures of your dog’s teeth, clean and scale them both above and below the gum line, check for pockets of infection and broken tooth roots using dental digital x-rays, and polish the teeth to remove any scratches that can later trap more bacteria.
  • While your pet is under anesthesia, we monitor their body temperature, blood oxygen levels, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and level of anesthetic gases to ensure your pet remains in the best of health. Our technicians are fully trained in anesthesia protocol and stay at your pet’s side until they are fully awake and functioning.


Come visit our clinic and let our team show you how to keep your pet’s teeth clean at home so that you can have a healthy, happy companion for life.


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