Dental Care for All Life Stages: Adults

By February 5, 2016Pet Talk
  • Now is the time when routine dental care is most important for your pets. By brushing their teeth, you are preventing tartar from building up on their teeth. Less tartar and build up can mean that they may not need frequent dental procedures. It is recommended to brush their teeth at least 3 times a week.
  • Make sure you are only using a pet friendly toothpaste as ours contains too much fluoride and can cause our pets to vomit.
  • Prevent them from chewing on hard toys that can possibly cause their teeth to chip, crack or break.  Dogs can actually wear their teeth down. If you have a destructive chewer, try to find different ways for them to stay entertained or take them for a nice long walk to wear them out.
  • Bring your pet in for routine wellness examinations. This is very important as a lot can change in your pet’s mouth in just a year. Remember: Bad breath is NOT normal, it is a sign of disease. At their exam, the Dr. will be able to look thoroughly into their mouth to determine if a dental procedure is necessary.
  • If you ever suspect something is wrong with their mouth, the sooner you bring them in the better!
  • For tips on brushing their teeth, see our upcoming blog post!


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