Dental Care Chews and Treats

By March 3, 2017Pet Talk
  • There are many chews and treats on the market that are labeled for dental care, however, only a few have been certified by VOHC. These products should also be used daily for best results.
  • For dogs, we recommend: Greenies chews or Prescription Diet dental chews
    • *** Chew toys are not the best option for all pets. Any chew toy that is swallowed in a large chunk could lead to intestinal obstruction. We recommend close monitoring of your pet to make sure your pet safely chews on the toy.
    • Cow hooves, bones, and other hard chew toys are NOT appropriate as they can readily break teeth
  • For cats, we recommend: Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch treats or Greenies treats
  • Ask your veterinarian if dental care chews/treats might be a good idea for your pet.

Here Finn is chewing on a Veterinarian approved Dental Chew

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