Declawing and Microchipping Your Kitten

By August 28, 2015Pet Talk

Feline Declaw

Surgical declawing is the removal of the nail at its base. This is done under general anesthesia. This can have a painful recovery period but the pain is greatly reduced if the surgery is done on young kittens and if pain medications are sent home with your cat after surgery. A declawed cat will not realize the claws are gone and will continue to “sharpen” the claws as normal without inflicting damage to your furniture. This surgery is best done at time of spay/neuter, between 5 and 6 months of age. Once declawed, your cat should always live indoors since the ability to defend itself is compromised.

Can you recommend something for pet identification?

The latest in pet retrieval is microchipping. This tiny device is implanted with a needle so the process is much like getting an injection. Our scanner can detect these chips; humane societies and animal shelters across the country also have scanners. A national registry permits the return of microchipped pets throughout the United States and Canada. We strongly recommend that all pets be microchipped and will offer a 10% discount if it is done during their spay/neuter surgery.


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