Crazy Cats!

By September 10, 2017Pet Talk

What makes some cats sleep the day away and others mischievous and playful? Cats are very smart creatures, some smarter than others. If your feline friend is notorious for getting into things, very curious about what’s going on in the home, or just likes to be in the center of the action all the time you may have an exceptionally smart cat who needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation to be happy.

Breed can also offer insight into why cats are more crazy than others. Certain breeds are known for being a bit more high energy than others. Active environments work best for these high energy breeds. Some ways to keep your kitty Einstein engaged is by providing interactive toys like puzzle boxes or food bowls, spending 10-15 minutes of active playtime with their humans, cat trees for scratching/climbing, cat shelving around the home, ample area to run and play, and placing a bird feeder outside their favorite window to watch. Get creative with play time it’ll ensure your cat avoids boredom and getting into trouble.

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