Co-Sleeping with Your Pets

By January 26, 2016Pet Talk

Do you let your kitty or pooch (or both!) snuggle up and sleep in bed with you at night? Are you debating whether or not to let them start sleeping with you? Here are some tips on how to decide if co-sleeping is for you:

  • Are you getting any sleep? Is having your pets stay in bed with you causing you to lose a full night of sleep? Everyone is different on how much sleep they require to function on a daily basis. Make sure those extra sweet snuggles at night (or more like paws to the face-let’s be honest) aren’t keeping you awake and causing you to turn into a real life zombie.
  • Are your pets happy? Some pets love to crawl in bed for extra snuggles, but there are some that get more anxious when sleeping by your flailing arms and feet! Make sure that your pets are able to sleep comfortably (and safely!) with you. Some smaller breeds may do better sleeping in a kennel next to you, nobody wants to roll (and squish) or knock a little Chihuahua off the bed!
  • Are they fully potty trained? We know how tempting it is to sleep with your sweet new addition to the family, but no one wants to wake up to a not-so-sweet accident in their bed. Talk about rude awakening!
  • Are you able to move them around or do they turn into a sack of potatoes? If you are currently co-sleeping with your pets, you know exactly what we are talking about. As soon as you try to move them over 2 inches so you actually have some room and blankets, they play possum and feel like they have now turned into 100 pounds. For some, this can be a deal breaker.


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