Caring for Older Pets

By April 26, 2016Pet Talk

Did you know that your pet is consider a senior when they reach 7 years of age?! We know that they will always be your baby, so here are some tips on how to care for them in their golden years!

  • Don’t forget to brush-Dental hygiene is important for all life stages in your pet, but especially as they age. Your pet may require a dental cleaning to help rid them of all the plaque that has built up over the years. Brushing their teeth can help prevent this plaque build up, but will not remove what is already there. A professional dental cleaning can help to prevent dental disease and decay, which can be very painful for your pet.
  • Watch their weight- As your pet ages, you may notice them becoming less active. Consult with your Veterinarian to make sure that they have a balanced diet that will help prevent them from gaining weight. Having an elderly and obese pet can cause extra stress on their joints.
  • Get those bones movin’-Exercise still continues to play an important role in their health and well-being. Taking them on shorter walks can help you monitor the way they are moving and notice any changes. Exercise is also important for your pet’s brain, try some stimulating toys to keep their mind healthy and active.
  • Come visit your Veterinarian-Annual visits are still vital to keeping your pet healthy and comfortable. Did you know that having annual bloodwork performed on your pet is equivalent to us having it done every 7 years?! A lot can change in 1 year, which is why we recommend seeing your senior pet at least twice a year. This will allow us to detect problems earlier before they can become major, or even permanent, problems.
  • Senior proof your house-Just like with babies, seniors require extra care. Make sure that stairs are still manageable for your pet and that their food and water is in an easily accessible place.
  • Give them attention-Not only love and affection, but feel them over frequently for any lumps or bumps and have them checked out immediately by your Veterinarian. If there any size or changes, have it looked at immediately. Also, monitor for any behavioral or appetite changes.

pogo kitten

pogo nowThis is Pogo. The top picture is her as a kitten and the bottom is her currently at 20 years old! We love you Pogo!


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