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Did you know that we have a full service deluxe boarding kennel? Because we are a full service animal hospital, we have staff available all day and on weekends to provide ample “people contact” and love to your animal while boarding. Our staff will also monitor your pet’s health daily to make sure they are safe and comfortable during their boarding stay. If your pet currently requires any medications, we will administer them accordingly.

Our dog boarding suites are very spacious (as large as 12’x12′) and have windows to the outside so that your pets feel very comfortable during their stay with us. If you have more than one dog, you may choose to have them stay together or separately. All dogs are walked twice daily or more if you prefer.

Our cat boarding suites are in a large room that is separated from the dogs. Each cat his their own private “kitty condo” unless you prefer that your cats board together.

All of our suites are heated and very luxurious. Each pet has his or her own bed while they stay with us at Northwood. Cleanliness is a top priority of ours and the suites are cleaned at least twice daily.

For the health and safety of your pet and of our other guests, we require that your pet to be up-to-date on vaccines (distemper, lepto, bordetella, and rabies) and they must have had a negative stool sample and heartworm test within the past month. It is important for your dog to be on heartworm prevention. If they are currently on prevention, we do not require an additional heartworm test.

**As a convenience to you, we can perform all necessary vaccinating on the day your pet arrives to stay with us**

We may be able to accommodate additional needs your cat or dog needs during their stay in our kennels and boarding suits. Please call our clinic if you have any questions and to schedule your pet’s stay (231-276-6361).

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