Bird Seed Hazards

By May 3, 2016Pet Talk

Now that spring is here, it’s time to dust off those bird feeders! Most of the time, a little bird seed won’t hurt your pets, but there are certain times they could cause some problems.

  • Ingestion- Eating seeds could cause fermentation in the GI tract. This can lead to bloating or even get your pet drunk.
  • Overeating- Binge eating on bird seed could lead to a possible obstruction. It could block part of their intestines, which can lead to life threatening problems.
  • Old seeds- Seeds that lay on the ground for a long time could develop mold and toxins, which when they are ingested could cause damage to the liver.

Monitor your pet when they are hanging out by the bird feeder or put it in a place that is not accessible by your pet. As always, call us with any questions or concerns!


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