Benefits of Spaying

By April 3, 2015Pet Talk
  • No unwanted litters.
  • Greatly decreases the chance of developing mammary tumors, which is like breast cancer in people. Up to 50% of these tumors are malignant (cancer) and have no cure.  With every heat cycle that she goes through, her risk of developing these tumors increases greatly.
  • Will not develop a pyometra later in life. A pyometra is a life threatening bacterial infection of the uterus that is brought on later in life after repeated heat cycles.
  • Will not experience the bloody vaginal discharge that comes with being in heat.
  • Will not experience dystocia. Dystocia occurs when there is difficulty with the birthing process because the normal process of labor and delivery fails.  This requires medical treatment and possibly a c-section.
  • Will not develop cancer of the reproductive organs, such as the uterus, ovaries and vagina.


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