9 Dangers for Felines!

By July 23, 2017Pet Talk

Here we will discuss 9 common dangers that can get our feline friends into trouble. Curiosity is a wonderful thing and shows a cat’s desire to learn and grow in the environment around them but can also cause them harm. We will also give some tips to help protect your cats from themselves.

  1. Hormones-Cats have a strong urge to mate and their hormones can make them do crazy things like try to escape their home or dart into traffic. There is a simple fix to this issue spaying and neutering your cats. These procedures help to prevent overpopulation and keep your cats happy in your home. They lose that urge to constantly want out. Cats that are not fixed also have a tendency to want to fight with other cats.
  2. The great outdoors- There are so many dangers for our favorite feline friend outside. Getting hit by a car, being eaten by a larger predator, contracting diseases, and getting lost are all scary threats for our cats that enjoy going outdoors. Microchip your cats so if they get out or lost expectantly hopefully a good person will be able to identify (you) the owner and get your feline companion back to you. Instead of letting your cat outside you can either make an enclosure where your can can experience the wonders of the outdoors with out the dangers or make the indoor life so fun they lose interest in going outside completely!
  3. Other cats!- Bite wounds that become infected and abscessed is among one of the most reported cant injuries. These wounds usually occur due to cats fighting. This can happen to indoor and outdoor cats. Keeping cats indoors will help this issue, as well as making sure cats in multiple cat homes all get along. They make calming products like Feliway that can help keep a stress free environment.
  4. String and string objects-String and string like objects are a cat favorite. Cats love to play and bat these irresistible toys around which is totally normal and fine as long as they don’t eat them! If ingested the string can cause serious health issues and even death if a gastrointestinal blockage occurs. ¬†Blockages can be fixed with surgery to remove the foreign objects. The best thing would be to allow your cat to play with string toys under supervision. Cats have been known to eat string, dental floss, ribbon, thread, and even hair ties!
  5. Things that open and close- If you own a cat you know they absolutely can’t stand a closed door! ¬†Your curious little feline will be drawn to closets, cabinets, appliances, and any tight place that they can become trapped like underneath furniture. Keep a watchful eye before closing doors as your cat may be hiding inside and this will help avoid injury or the possibility of becoming trapped.
  6. Candles and hot surfaces- Candles and candle warmers pose a threat to our furry friends because the flame is intriguing to them. They may want to swat at the flame or rub their faces on it causing burns. Hot wax can burn them as well. Stove tops are another way cats can burn their pads but walking across them. Keeping burners and stove tops covered until completely cooled will help keep risk of burns down for our sweet felines.
  7. Heights- Cats can fall off of tall furniture, railings and balconies in our homes resulting in broken bones. Mostly we see kittens falling as they are not yet stable on their feet, don’t allow them to investigate areas where they could fall until they are adults and more steady.
  8. Toxic/poisonous substances- When you purchase house plants do your research as some are toxic if ingested. Become familiar with the toxic plant list from the ASPCA it can help keep them safe! Human medications can be lethal to cats so if you ever drop a pill or spill medications be sure to pick it up and clean the floor if a liquid is full we don’t want our feline friends to ingest toxic substances.
  9. Human error- Most people with cats know that they have to look when taking a step as their little four legged friend will forever be close by. Many injuries each year revolve around human error, stepping on or tripping over their cats. When closing doors watch out for tails and it is important to teach young children not to pull on tails. If we break a glass object in the home be sure to remove the cat from the room and clean up all shards before allowing your cat back through that area as broken glass can cut their paws easily.

Now knowing the many dangers that lurk about in everyday life for our feline friends we can truly understand the meaning of cats having 9 lives!

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