Your Pet’s In-FUR-Mation Station

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December 2011

    • Dec. 23: Traveling with your pets
      During the holiday season it’s common for people to travel with their dog or cat. Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Animal Hospital says there are certain things to keep in mind especially for the safety of the animal.
    • Dec. 15: Breathing concerns for some dogs
      If you have a pug or even bulldog you might have noticed heavy panting or breathing. That’s because some dogs with the pushed in face look tend to have a harder time breathing. It’s called brachycephalic.
    • Dec. 7: Pet tears
      It’s a condition that some dogs experience with their eyes. It’s known as “tear staining” and Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Animal Hospital says there are treatments and ways to prevent it.

November 2011

    • Nov. 30: Cuddling with your critters
      If you’re a dog or cat owner you know that your four legged friends might enjoy sleeping next to you at night or at the foot of your bed. Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Animal Hospital in Grand Traverse County says there are certain hygiene and health tips pet owners need to keep in mind.
    • Nov. 23: Safety during the holidays
      During the holiday season people tend to decorate with things like Christmas lights and even tinsel and ribbon. It’s these types of things though that can be dangerous for you four legged friends.
    • Nov. 16: Holiday treats for the pets
      During the holidays you can’t leave the pets out of the mix when it comes to sweet treats. That’s why during Pet Talk with Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Hospital we talked about two recipes for your dog and cat.
    • Nov. 2: Chocolate toxicity in your pets
      With the recent Halloween rush people tend to have candy and specifically chocolate treats around their house. That’s why pet owners need to be more cautious especially because chocolate can be dangerous to dogs and cats.

October 2011

    • Oct. 19: Breast Cancer in your dog or cat
      Dr. Jen Klabunde says just like humans, dog and cats can get breast cancer. Dr. Klabunde says there are specific ways to check for any lumps on your pet, and if you do find one it’s always best to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
    • Oct. 12: Preventing your pet from getting Lyme disease
      With the fall season underway, it’s prime time for deer ticks which can lead to Lyme disease in your pets. Most dogs that are outside in the yard or hunting can easily contract the disease.

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