What happened to my sweet little puppy or kitten?

By August 20, 2013Northwood Notes

Do you ever wonder where your sweet, calm little puppy or kitten disappeared to when they turn 6-7 months of age?  They are suddenly hyperexcitable, barking, jumping, having accidents in the house (they were completely potty trained before!), acting aggressive around toys or food.  You are shocked because they NEVER acted like this before! 

This behavior is completely NORMAL.  They have hit their “terrible two’s”, albeit sooner than their human counterparts.  These puppies and kittens have learned that they have the ability to say “no” and they are testing their boundaries.  It is very important to stop these behaviors now, or they will become permanent behaviors for the rest of their lives. 


Food or Toy Aggression

Accidents in the House


Who doesn’t love to run up to their new pet when they walk through the door after a long day at work?  Think of how your voice sounds to your pet.  High pitched, fast talking, your hands are probably swinging in every direction.  Stop this behavior!  Your pet feeds on it and

This is a very common reason that people get frustrated and surrender their young pets to the humane society.  Work hard with your pet to re-teach them proper behavior.  It will be worth it in the end.  They will come out of their “terrible twos” a more respectful and well behaved pet than they were before they went through it.

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