TickYour pet can still be susceptible to fleas and ticks—even if it stays inside. That’s why year-round protection is so important—so bring your pet in for preventives today!  Above is one of many ticks that were found on one of our patients!

A very brief spell of warmer weather during the winter can give fleas and ticks the cue to emerge and infest your furry friends. Keep your pets protected year-round from those pesky parasites!

A year’s supply of parasite preventives for your pet is much more affordable than the amount you’ll spend on special topical treatments, medications, and an exterminator for a parasite-infested house. Ask us about year-round flea and tick prevention today!

Since many states are prone to sudden changes in weather, it’s crucial that your pet receives flea and tick preventives year-round—yes, even in the colder months.

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