Tick Tock…Are your pet’s protected?

By April 28, 2014Northwood Notes

Tick 2

Did you know fleas can hatch in as little as 2 to 3 weeks or as long as several months? That means eggs brought into your home during the warmer months can cause infestation problems when you least expect it—in the winter. Protect your pet year-round with critical preventives!

You may already know that tick season runs from April to November. But don’t let this deceive you—infestation can happen at any time of year, inside or outside. Make sure your pet is protected from pests month after month by receiving regular preventives!

Did you know that fleas and ticks can still get into your home and take refuge there when colder temperatures set in? If your pet isn’t given year-round preventives, this puts your pet and your home at risk for an infestation.

Parasites latch onto pets as one method of getting into your house, but they don’t stop there. They can crawl through window screens, attach to your shoes, or on other animals and people visiting your home.

Think fleas and ticks are strictly seasonal parasites? Think again! The truth is, these pesky critters are able to withstand some pretty harsh conditions, including cold weather, by finding warmer places to hide out. This includes your house!

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