The Importance of Microchipping

By March 10, 2014Northwood Notes
Ready for your feel good moment of the day?

“Tommy”, the gorgeous kitty in this photo, is one of Dr. Jen’s patients. He was lost for almost 9 months. He had wandered off one day and his mom, Dianne, of course had assumed the worst. Ou…t of the blue, almost one year later, Dianne received a call from the microchip company (that Tommy had placed in him), saying that he had been found. This family was reunited because of a simple MICROCHIP! We are so happy for you Dianne & Tommy!!

 Please “share” this story, which demonstrates the importance of having all of your dogs and cats microchipped. This isn’t the first time a pet has been reunited with his/her family because of the chip, and sadly, it’s not the last time a pet will go missing with no way of getting home except for this simple, tiny microchip. Cats are 20 times more likely to return home if they have a microchip. It really does save lives!


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