The Day In The Life Of Our Staff At Northwood

By March 31, 2014Northwood Notes
We have seen some strange things in the surgical suite here at Northwood over the years. Fish hooks in almost every internal organ, stomach and intestinal obstructions filled with everything from sewing needles to socks to entire dog beds, a butcher knife through (yes through) the leg of a dog (dog inflicted, not owner inflicted), a cat stomach filled to the brim with glass, a dog stomach filled …to the brim with Gorilla Glue (you do know it expands, right???), more than one 1-horned uterus (supposed to have 2 horns), a hermaphroditic cat…the list goes on. Most recently, Dr. Jen had a patient that only had one testicle, instead of two. A post-surgical blood test confirmed it. Cases like this keep us on our toes. Never a dull day here! LOVE it!

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