By October 12, 2014Northwood Notes

We at Northwood Animal Hospital are not only fortunate to have three Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs), but three technicians that are exceptionally great at what they do.  In honor of National Technician Week, here are 20 characteristics of our rare breed of technicians.

They are humble.              They are intuitive.

The have superpowers.           They are perfectionists.

They are creative.  They are knowledgeable.  They are indispensable.

They have technical skills.  They are multitaskers.    They are lifesavers.

They are organized.  They communicate well.  They thrive on change.

They have positive attitudes.  They are team players.

They are mind readers.  They are dependable.

They are passionate.They are Improvers

They are efficient.

We LOVE our LVTs!  Thanks to all three of you for always going above and beyond your call of duty!  Follow us over the next week as we showcase each of our LVTs.NVTW

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