Reducing Our Pet’s Waistlines

By April 13, 2014Northwood Notes
Training tips for trimming the fat this spring:

*We all want to get back into our exercise routine this spring, but we can’t start where we left off last fall. Training is a MUST after such a long winter. Start SLOW, and build your way back up.

*As it gets warmer, only exercise your pet in the morning or evening, during cooler times of the day. With all of that fur, pets overheat faster than …we do and heat stroke can occur within minutes.

*Always have water on hand. If your pet is panting excessively, get them in the shade, have them drink some water, and even pour the water on their body. If this isn’t helping, call us. It could be heat stroke.

*No asphalt!! Asphalt retains heat and can/DOES burn the pads right off of your dogs foot. These injuries are very painful and can take several weeks to heal.

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