How To Give Your Cat A Tablet

By December 29, 2014Northwood Notes

The basics

Giving a tablet to a cat can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but with a calm and confident approach it is often much easier than you first think. The tips and tricks in this short guide will help you achieve this successfully and as easily as possible.

  • First make sure you ask (or check the manufacturer’s instructions) so that you know whether the tablet can be divided or crushed, and whether it can be administered with food
  • Second find the simplest and easiest method to give the tablet to your cat.
  • Third have a confident approach and keep calm at all times. If you run into difficulties or cannot manage, always contact us as we are always here to help. Make sure that you:
    • Have everything you need prepared and ready in advance
    • Have enough time and a clear plan of what you will do
    • Be gentle with your cat, keep calm, and avoid putting yourself at risk
    • If possible, always have a second person (preferably someone your cat knows) to help if you are going to administer the tablet rather than put it in with food

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