Fright-Night Tricks

By October 31, 2014Northwood Notes

Here are a few things to think about this Halloween!

  • If your pet HATES the costume, it may be best to skip it.
  • If your pet willingly wears a costume, makesure he or she can still move freely.
  • Fire and fur don’t mix. Keep your curious cat away from the Jack O’ Lantern.
  • Doorbells and shrieking kids can spook pets. Consider keeping them in the back of the house for the night.
  • All those visitors can spook your pet. Try turning on some background noise (and keeping them away from the door).
  • Opening the door 100 times gives your (spooked) pets better than normal odds of escape. Keep them away from the door!
  • A spooked pet might make a run for the door on Halloween. Make sure your pet’s tags are up to date before fright night!
  • Guard the treat jar on Halloween! Chocolate (and some sweetener) can be poisonous for your pet.
  • Kids’ trick-or-treat candy can be a scary danger to your pet. Keep it out of reach!


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