Does your kitty counter-surf?

By March 3, 2014Northwood Notes
Counters can be a dangerous spot for pets, not to mention it’s unsanitary. A cat can easily jump onto a hot stove (happened to Dr. Jen’s family cat) or they can cut a paw/foot with a kitchen knife (happened to one of our dog patients). Easier said than done! What are YOUR tips for keeping them off?

Here are some tricks we have picked up along the way:
* Double sided tape on the edge of counter…tops. Cats hate this.
* Fill empty soda cans with pennies. When the pet knocks them over, it makes an unpleasant noise.
* Place carpet rug grippers upside down on the counter. When your pet jumps up, the texture will be uncomfortable.
* Open mouse traps with newspaper over top. When a pet jumps, it will make a loud noise without hurting them.
* When you’ve tried everything else, you can resort to scat mats. Sends a little zap when touched which should get the point across pretty quickly.

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