Adventures to the Dog Park

By March 27, 2014Northwood Notes
Traveling to the Dog Park soon? Make it enjoyable with these helpful hints:

*Make sure your dog is at least 4 months old and up-to-date on all vaccines (including Parvo and Kennel Cough) & dewormings

*See who else is there before entering. Is your dog 5# and the only other dog there is an energetic Great Dane? Hmmm….maybe consider coming back on another day.

*Put down your cell phone and w…atch your pet at all times. Facebook can wait! We know, it’s hard…but seriously. Watching your pet can save a sticky situation from going south in a hurry.

*Pay attention to your dog and other dog’s body language. Is one dominant while yours is submissive? How does that relate to your pet? How is your pet acting? On guard, anxious, happy, scared or unsure? When in doubt, leave and come back another day.

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