northwood-buildingNorthwood Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital and deluxe boarding facility located just outside of Traverse City, in Northern Michigan.

We serve Grand Traverse County, Leelanau County, Benzie County and the surrounding areas. To us, the health and medical care of your pet is our top priority. We also strive to make your visit to our office enjoyable. We have a comfortable, pet-friendly waiting room, and our exam rooms are private and quiet to help minimize anxiety. Whether you bring in your pet for a routine check-up, an emergency or anything in between, you will be given the utmost respect and attention.

Our pet hospital operates state-of-the-art veterinary laboratory and radiology equipment in-house. We have highly skilled technicians that perform lab tests, take radiology images and analyze the results on-site. This means your pet receives the immediate medical attention they deserve, and there is no waiting for third-party test results.

Laboratory Services

We conduct a wide range of lab services to better serve all of your pet’s needs. Our laboratory equipment utilizes the latest technology and our qualified technicians are on hand as well as on-call for emergencies. Your pet’s lab test can be conducted on-site at our clinic.

The most common lab tests your pet may need are for diagnostic purposes. If your pet has an illness, disease or parasite, we can detect it and determine the specific type. We also perform toxicology tests and analyze biopsies. This allows us to provide your pet with the best treatment plan quickly and accurately.

Diagnostic Labs:

  • Bacteriology (bacterial infection)
  • Virology (viral infection)
  • Parasitology (parasites)
  • Toxicology (chemicals or poisons)
  • Biopsies

Pet Radiology Services

We also perform a variety of radiology services in order to keep your beloved pet healthy. All radiological imaging can all be performed in-house to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat your pet. Read more about our Veterinary Radiology Services.